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15 Reason's to Choose Us

  1. If you are looking for staff all you have to do is go to to place your job order - THE EASIEST WAY TO FIND THE BEST SKILLS
  2. We have over 50 000 candidates in our database
  3. We do thorough testing on all our candidates using different software packages
  4. You only deal with one consultant
  5. All our consultants are continuously trained to make sure they are up to date with international trends
  6. We do ITC and Criminal Checks on all our candidates
  7. We do thorough reference checking AND TELL YOU LIKE IT IS
  8. We are members of Proudly South African
  9. We are BEE Compliant
  10. Our clients have given us a 98% rating when it comes to :
    Service and Matching the Spec
  11. We will not waste your time sending you incompetent people
  12. We will provide a quick turnaround time
  13. We won't touch people we have placed at your company, EVER!
  14. We will make the recruitment process enjoyable for you
  15. We will ensure ROI for your placement fee!

Finance, Engineering, IT, Marketing, Sales, Management and General Admin